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In the cyber age, the protection of information assets, which includes personal and business data, is necessary for any proper business activity.
Many threats and risks in the cyber world are a strategic target for attack from outside.
Up-to-date intelligence coverage in this area enables optimal readiness to prevent attacks on databases in the organization and create a preventative act for irreversible damage.
Therefore, quick response and in-depth research will be effective for data recovery and less exposure.
Negative Information


will help identify negative information, such as data that may affect the reputation of the company or the individual in it.

We will provide our customers with sensitive and direct information about each threat and will act for immediate protection through advanced human capabilities and technologies.
Leakage Of Data


will collaborate with its customers to identify potential leakage of data, and provide strategic ways of coping, allowing an ideal and quick response, whether the information was leaked or distributed due to human error or intentionally.

We will find in cyberspace revealed information about the attacker and will characterize the methods of action in an innovative and original manner. By doing so, it will be possible to take various steps against the present attacker or similar in the future.
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